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Register Your Diamond


Registering your bridal diamond, or any piece of gemstone-based jewelry, in the Museum is a gift to your partner and it provides the following benefits.

  1. Your diamond, it’s story (your love story), and accompanying pictures are featured in the Museum, on a web-page with a discrete URL.
  2. You are invited to officially name your diamond if you wish, earning it a place among the other named diamonds of history, such as the Hope and the Koh-i-Noor. They are in the Museum too, along with their stories.
  3. Your story is automatically registered in the Diamond Story Awards
  4. After your diamond is registered in the Museum, and its story recorded, you will receive by mail a Museum Notification Card, congratulating you on your diamond having been inducted into the Museum, and providing the URL where you can see it immediately. While Museum registration is a digital service, the card provides you with a great way to announce your gift.
  5. The final benefit? Watching your partner tear up, and perhaps cry, as they realize you have recorded the story of your love for each other, in a beautiful and timeless way, preserved forever, and shareable with friends and relatives. Example

    Note: After you make this purchase and checkout, you will be directed to an online form that will provide the tools you need to register your diamond, tell it’s story, and upload accompanying pictures.