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Optional Extras

  • Optional Extras
  • Extra: Diamond Art & Poetry
  • Extra: Diamond Inscription

*Diamond should be registered prior to ordering any "Optional Extras"

Extra: Diamond Art & Poetry

Product Description:
Your diamond, and the story behind it, are beautiful.
But it's one thing to tell your story, and its another to show it.
"Diamond Art & Poetry" asks our artists and poets to hear your diamond's story and create a custom-made illustration and poetic verse to represent it. 

Who Is This For:
Anyone who wants to express the meaning behind their diamonds. Diamond Art & Poetry is a one of a kind gift that has brought people to tears by vividly telling their stories.

What's Included:
MoND's artists will create a personalized digital illustration and 4 line poetic verse based on the story of your diamond. One free revision is included in the price, in case adjustments are desired. Typically this process takes 1-2 weeks to be completed, so please plan accordingly if this is for a special event.

*Art on left is 'Under the Waterfall' by Kajsa Råsten, an MoND artist*

Extra: Diamond Inscription

Product Description:
The Museum works with a diamond inscriber to engrave your diamond's name onto the girdle of your diamond with a laser. An interactive 3D imaging of your diamond is recorded and saved to your diamond's page in the Museum. This inscription is only visible under magnifying technology so it won't affect the beauty of your diamond in any way.

Who Is This For:
Anyone who wants to strengthen the bond between their diamond and its name. Diamond Inscription will make your diamond stand out physically from all others, not just emotionally. Inscribing a diamond can also help secure it in case of theft.

What's Included:
We will ship you a safe package for you to mail us your diamond in, the diamond will then have it's name inscribed onto the side and a 3D imaging of the diamond will be recorded before the diamond is mailed back to you.