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A Diamond Registration Gift Card, from the Museum of Named Diamonds, is the perfect romantic gift.   Anyone who owns an un-registered diamond can enjoy the fun, the memories, the preservation of a story, and the sharing opportunities that come with having one’s own diamond featured in the Museum.  See the full list of benefits

A Registration Gift Card is thus ideal to give to a spouse, a relative, or a friend.  It’s a perfect wedding present.  And a wonderful anniversary or special occasion gift.  That diamond on her finger is already one of her most valued possessions, and is probably the one she looks at almost every day.  A registration gift card enhances that diamond, and makes it even more special.  

When you purchase a Gift Card, it will be physically mailed to your address given at checkout, and should arrive within 3 to 5 business days.  

Note that the cards are for precisely $100 of value, which covers the full price of a Diamond Registration. The receiver of the card simply goes to the Museum Store, fills out the 5-minute registration form, and enters the code on the card at checkout.