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N10 - Polaris

Diamond’s Story

“Polaris—the North Star—sits atop the heavens as the nighttime sky rotates around it. Compass needles point towards Polaris. To the Vikings, it was the Lodestar or “Guiding” Star. Medieval navigators called it the Star of the Sea. To American Indians, it was The Star That Sits Still. Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar described himself “constant as the North Star.”

Polaris is the perfect star, and if ever a diamond deserved the name, it would be this 10.34-carat, D-Flawless stunner. With perfect color and clarity, its pear-shaped tip evokes a compass needle pointing north. Its glimmering sparkles of light are flashbacks to those the ancient mariners saw. To its owner, Polaris will always be a lodestar, and point the way forward.”

Gemological Details

10.34 carats, D color, Flawless clarity, Pear Brilliant cut.

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