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Jessica's Light

Diamond's Story

My husband and I have been married 42 years, we were high school sweethearts. Tim always promised me a 1 carat diamond ring, that was part of his bucket list. A few weeks ago Tim met with a special friend Derick from Holliday Jewelry in Klamath Falls, OR, Derick was leaving that very day on a buying trip to Antwerp, Belgium. Tim said bring back a 1 carat cushion cut diamond that sparkles and shines, Derick did not disappoint. The name Jessica's Light is after our daughter, 15 months ago she lost her battle to breast cancer she was only 32 years old, she left a husband of 12 years and 2 beautiful children 8 & 4. She was the light of our lives, her smile could light up any room. We heard about The Museum of Named Diamonds from Derick; we thought what a way to honor Jessica, she was our shining light.

Diamond Details

Carat Weight: 1.05 Ct.
Clarity: VS-1
 Cushion Cut
Owners: Jeanne and Tim M.