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F20 - Koi Diamond

Diamond's Story

The colors of this 32+ carat diamond evokes the Koi fish legend and sacred symbolism cherished by East Asians.

The graduations of color of white, orange, light yellow, dark blue and black colors in this diamond are reminiscent of ancient Chinese brush painting. The Koi Diamond has been certified by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America).

For over two thousand years, the Koi legend enthralled and inspired people in China. It is a story of endurance and beauty. Visually captivating, Koi fish are described as swimming up the Yellow River, their body flashing in the sunlight and glittering like a million living diamonds. Once they reach the waterfall, only the most determined throw their bodies into the air and reach the top of the falls. Demons played against them for one hundred years until one heroic Koi succeeded. The Gods rewarded that Koi by transforming it into a shining Golden Dragon, eternal and happily chasing pearls of wisdom in heaven.

Because of their endurance and perseverance, the Koi are symbolic of overcoming adversity and fulfilling one’s destiny. Chinese artists sometimes pair two Koi fish to represent the yin-yang forces of life-dark and light and feminine and masculine.

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