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F2 - Cullinan

Also known as: The Second Star of Africa
Size:  530.4 carats, probably more than 500x bigger than your diamond

Where did this monster come from?
Unsurprisingly, it was found in 1905 in the Premier Mine, in South Africa. This is where all the largest diamonds in the world come from.

Why the Name?
Sorry, this is really boring.  The Premier Mine, at the time, was owned by Thomas Cullinan.  Well, we warned you it was boring. 

Who cut it?
The Asscher Brothers of Amsterdam.  Rumor has it that when it was first cleaved with a single blow of a specially-designed knife, Joseph Asscher had a doctor and nurse standing by.  And it was good that he did, because he fainted dead away, the moment the diamond split perfectly.   Others say this is an unlikely story, and Asscher would probably have celebrated with a bottle of champagne.   We like the first story better.    

Some interesting history:
The stone was so valuable that getting it safely to England was a problem.  Armed guards were brought down from London.  They carried it onto a steamboat and it was ceremoniously placed in the captain’s safe.  The guards stood by the safe for the entire journey. But alas! That was all just for show.  The real diamond was simply stuck in a box and mailed parcel post.  The steamship, and the guards, and so forth, were all a diversion.

Where is it now?
Well where do you put a 500+ carat diamond?  Not on your finger, that’s for bloody sure.  No, this diamond sits atop the Royal Scepter, and is part of the British Crown Jewels, on display in the Tower of London.  Very impressive.  (Still has that boring name, though.  Pity.)