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F12 - Centenary

Also known as: Centennial Diamond
Size: 273.85 carats

Where Did They Find It?
Premier Mine, South Africa

Where did it end up?
No one knows.  De Beers sold it privately, and won’t say to whom.  Maybe your neighbor has it in his basement.  Maybe you are the owner, and are cackling maniacally at us now. It’s possible. 

Why the name:
De Beers revealed it, as part of the company’s centennial celebration in 1988.  They named it after the celebration.   Get it?  Centennial/Centenary.  Makes sense.

Something that makes it interesting:
It bewitched its cutter, Gabby Tolkowsky.    “From the moment I knew I was going to cut it," he said, "I became another man. A strange man. I was looking at the stone in the day, and the stone was looking at me at night.”

Fun Facts:
Not only is this stone huge, it is a “D” color, the most perfect “colorless” grade issued by the GIA.   The stone was so valuable; De Beers created a special room in their research department in Johannesburg, for cutting it.  They needed to make sure there would be no vibration or other interference with the cutting process.  Building a whole room, just to cut one diamond, may seem like overkill.  But given that the rough diamond itself was insured for 100 million dollars, wouldn’t you create a special room, too?