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88 - Logan & Kiera

  • 88 - Logan & Kiera
  • 88 - Logan & Kiera

Their Story

How and where did you meet Kiera?

We met at the lake when Chase brought me and his now wife, Emilie, brought Kiera. We ended up having our first kiss that night which I will remember forever. The next morning when I left I was acting like a badass and she had to ask me for my number before I left to go home. She still makes fun of me for that to this day. 

What first attracted you to Kiera?
Who made the first move?

Kiera made the first move, and she loves that she did it. My attraction started with the obvious, the pure beauty she possesses. I found myself getting lost in her deep eyes and her huge warm smile. She is the most gentle and caring women I had ever met. She cared about me deeply and we just really got along well. I loved the fact that she was confident and knew where and what she wanted in life. Just so happened we shared a lot of the same.

Where was your first date? How did it go?

Our first date we went out to eat at Scotty's in West Lafayette. Afterwards we went to the Thieme Bar and her parents showed up. Mostly because I'm sure Kevin thought it would be funny. So I wanted to do the same. So I brought her back to my house for a bit and she met both my parents and my grandparents who love her almost as much as I do. I drove her home and we sang together in the car. It was just pure bliss and joy. Easily the best first date I ever had. 

How did the proposal happen?

The proposal I had planned out for awhile. I knew when and where. When she reads this, she will be like "What the heck Log!" because she wanted to get engaged months ago. But I wanted to wait for the perfect moment and be able to afford the perfect ring for her. We vacationed to Mackinac Island where I found a secluded spot with wondrous views where I got down on my knee and surprised her. 

What else would you like to share about your time together? Is there a special memory or story that comes to mind?

Kiera, the time I've spent sharing life with you has been beyond incredible. I love you with all my heart. I cannot wait to call you my wife and continue to share more and more moments like this with you for tons of years to come. I promise to always be yours. When we struggle, I will hold us up. When we are successful, I will make sure we are humble. Thank you for bringing out the best in me. I will always remember the first time I told you "I love you" in Cabo and you said it back. I can't wait to start lives together. 

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