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5 - Autumn Leaves


In the Autumn they would dance, as if the leaves were real.
But scraping sky with apples in eyes, they saw their love revealed.

Diamond Story

When I lived in New York a platonic friend needed a date to her corporate Christmas party at the Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Center.  I agreed to go with her, but I had no idea how to do the kind of ballroom dancing that would be a big part of the evening.  

An ad for Arthur Murray’s dance studio caught my attention in the New York Times, and I thought “what the heck.”  If you don’t know how to dance, just learn.   The first day there, I watched a demonstration dance, a Rhumba, put on by two of the instructors.  It was to the song Autumn Leaves.  As I watched the beautiful dance instructor perform the steps, well, I was smitten.   Fortunately, she was assigned as my instructor and—well, when they found out we were dating—they fired her.  Neither of us minded a bit.  We were married three years later, and now have three grown children, including a daughter who lives just a few blocks from the dance studio.   Every time I walk by, it brings back memories of that song, and that dance, and that beautiful woman who is now my wife.

Diamond Details

Shape: Round
Owners: Jacques and Derry V.

Art by Kajsa Råsten

This diamond supports the Denver Dumb Friends League

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