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4 - The Summit Stone


By stars in the evening or mountains by day,
this stone is the peak of living in play

Diamond Story

Working in the wholesale diamond industry (customer service manager for Polygon, in Dillon, Colorado) I knew pretty much everyone on 47th Street in New York.  And they knew me.  When my boyfriend and I decided to get married, I realized I could call up any number of companies in New York and get a killer deal on a diamond.

But I didn’t.  I didn’t want a killer deal on a diamond.   We wanted something else.  One Saturday we got in the car and drove to Denver, and went to a store in a Mall.  It was kind of scary.  All those display cases, fancy lighting, well-dressed salespeople.  But they came over and treated us like a king and queen for the day.  They showed us diamonds, let us look at them through the Gemscope, helped us understand the differences.  We got the royal treatment.  And when we drove home that day, I had a diamond on my finger. 

And that was the experience we both wanted.  All my life I’d walked nervously by those stores, and never felt good enough to go in one.  Who can afford diamonds?  But this time I could—at least a small one.  I got to fulfill a fantasy.  Every time I look at my diamond, I remember the experience that came with it.   I still live in Summit County, Colorado, and so I named my diamond The Summit Stone.  But being treated like royalty by a retail jeweler—at least for one day—is what really gave me a Rocky Mountain “high.” 

Diamond Details

Shape: Round
Owners: Casi and Brian B.

Art by Kajsa Råsten