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15 - Silverton Shine

  • 15 - Silverton Shine
  • 15 - Silverton Shine
  • Ashley, Chris, and Silverton Shine
  • Ashley and Chris

Diamond Story

Chris and I visited the Durango area in Colorado during Fourth of July weekend. He had always gone to this area as a child and wanted to share it with me. While we were waiting to go on a gold mine tour in the Old Hundred mine in Cunningham Gulch (near the town of Silverton), we decided to walk around the Highland Mary Mine area and go on a short hike to look for neat rocks. Chris surprised me by saying, "Check out this cool rock I found." And it was a cool rock indeed.

"Thank you to Curtis and Mary Margaret of Curtis Miller's World Trade Diamonds for helping us design a perfect engagement ring!"

Diamond Details

Owners: Ashley and Chris
Shape: Round
Origin: Curtis Miller's World Trade Diamonds, Dallas, TX

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