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13 - The Working Woman

Diamond Story

Many years ago, when I first started my job as editor in chief of a diamond magazine in New York City, I was going around interviewing the CEO’s of the top jewelry stores on Fifth Avenue and covering the Magnificent Jewelry auctions at Christie’s and Sotheby’s. During that time — and to this day — I have seen some very amazing diamonds. I desired a diamond that I could call my own. Through my connections in the industry, I found a Princess cut diamond that gave me the feeling of looking deeply into a serene lake. Its modern angles were perfect for my minimalist style. I took the diamond to a favorite designer, who had a sleek, sculptural, Art Deco inspired platinum bezel setting, with a very contemporary aesthetic that I really loved — and still do love. It was a limited edition setting, so I have one of about 25 that were ever made. I always wear my diamond ring on my right hand index finger. The diamond is a symbol of career success, of attaining a dream job, so I named it “The Working Woman.”

Diamond Details

Shape: Princess Cut
Owner: Private