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1 - Strawberry Harvest

  • Strawberry Harvest by Kajsa
  • Strawberry Harvest Ring
  • Strawberry Harvest Certification


How long ago it must have been,
since I plucked from scarlet fen?
The fruits I gathered on those days,
have blossomed into sunlit rays.

Diamond Story

When I was 14 years old I worked for a summer picking strawberries, to earn some cash.  I saved it and, at 20, decided to use the money to buy a diamond, so I could propose to my girlfriend.  My mom said: “Are you sure you want to buy that diamond?  Remember, this is your strawberry-picking money you’ve saved all these years.”  I said I was sure.  Years later, when I had more money, I asked my wife if she would like to upgrade the diamond to something bigger.  She said: “No way.  You bought me this stone with your strawberry money.  That makes it more special than any other diamond could ever be.” 

That summer working in the fields, I thought it was about strawberries.  In fact, it was about a wife, three kids, five grandchildren, and the 70th  anniversary we celebrated last year.  All in all, a very good harvest.

Diamond Details

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Purchased in Waterloo, Iowa in 1943. The retailer represented the diamond as "perfect", but as this pre-dated the GIA grading system, one can't know for sure.
 Koert and Connie V.
Shape: Round

Art by Kajsa Råsten