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What are Named Diamonds?

Every diamond has a story, and the goal of the Museum is to preserve and showcase them. 

These stories can be about large and famous diamonds, such as:

  • The Hope: Its known as much for its beauty as it is for its curse.
  • The Koh-i-noor: It may have been stolen more often than any other diamond in history
  • The Centenary: It gave its cutter nightmares when he tried to sleep, until he finished the cut.

The stories can also be about diamonds which are worn by consumers, but which have been named, and the name somehow connects to a special memory, making the diamond a true symbol of the relationship.  For example:

  • Strawberry Harvest: The prospective groom earned money to buy it, by picking strawberries one summer.
  • The Sea Otter: Sea Otters hold hands at night while they sleep, and this couple does too.
  • Hummingbird’s Tear: This diamond was used in a proposal out on a porch, while hummingbirds buzzed about.  The woman broke out in tears of joy when she saw the diamond.

The Museum of Named Diamonds was created to preserve these stories, and help people enjoy all the excitement, adventure, and simple romantic memories that every diamond represents. 

To preserve your own diamond’s story, and give it a name, simply register your diamond with the Museum.  When you do, you’ll receive five romantic benefits you maybe weren’t expecting. 

Disclaimer: If your diamond has a curse, we’ll be happy to share it in the Museum, but we probably can’t remove the curse.