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Benefits of Registering A Diamond

Wedding Day for the Kohanaiki Diamond

Preservation of Story

Often the romantic story of how the couple met, or how the guy proposed, or another favorite memory, is lost or at least fades over time. The Museum lets the couple preserve the memory, and share it with the world.

Gift value

The registration of a woman’s diamond in the Museum, giving it a name, and attaching a special memory to it, is a wonderful romantic gift to ones wife or fiancé. It’s a powerful way of saying “I care about our marriage, and I want to make the symbol of it even more special.”

Showcasing of Wedding Pictures

In today’s world it’s easier than ever to take pictures, and most weddings include a professional photographer. But where do you put these images? On Facebook, they disappear with the next day’s post. The Museum provides another medium to showcase and enjoy those memories, and open them up permanently to friends and relatives.

Enhanced Enjoyment of One’s Ring

A woman’s diamond engagement ring is something she will wear, and see on her finger, hopefully for the rest of her life. It’s perhaps her most important possession. Formally registering that diamond with its own name—the only diamond that can ever have that name—makes it that much more special. Every time she looks at it, she’ll remember the name, and the emotions and meaning it stands for.

To register your own diamond, and record a name and a story, please fill out the 5-minute Registration Form.  Note:  There is a $100 registration fee required to complete the process.