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How to Turn $50 into the Perfect Romantic Gift

Couple in love

1. Remember why you fell in love

Looking for an utterly romantic gift? Tell your partner the story of how and why you fell in love with them. You'll relive the best moments of your life while creating a timeless gift.

Our unique “paint by numbers” online form helps you remember the story, and easily get it down in writing.

Example of a completed museum page

2. Record your love story online

We’ll format and publish your story in the Museum of Diamonds. Your partner will always be able to pull up that Museum page and relive the story you’ve shared publicly of how you met and why you fell in love.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Example of a completed museum page
MoD Registration Card

3. Give an unforgettable gift

Everyone wants a gift they can open. We’ll send you an elegant, wax-sealed card, announcing that your love story, and the diamond that represents it, have been inducted into the Museum.

Your partner is then invited to enjoy your gift, and add the missing half of your love story.

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