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Curator Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions For Curators To The Museum of Diamonds

This document provides the Terms and Conditions of a retail jeweler becoming a Curator to the Museum of Diamonds (also “Museum” or “MoD”). When a retail jeweler joins the Museum of Diamonds and payment is received, these Terms and Conditions shall apply and a contractual relationship shall exist.

The Museum of Diamonds is operated by VB Limited, LLC, with an address at 35 Snowberry Way, Dillon, CO 80435, and with contact details listed at The entity becoming a curator is the retail jewelry store business itself, whatever its legal structure, as listed on the sign-up form.

General Description of Services.
Upon application by the retail jeweler, and acceptance by the Museum, the retail jeweler formally joins the Museum as an official Curator, and is provided with various tools and promotional aids to help encourage the Curator’s customers (or anyone else) to register their diamonds with the Museum. When a diamond is registered via these tools, that diamond appears in the Museum with the Curator’s name, logo, and website link shown on the page. This provides promotional value to the Curator, and is the primary service being delivered to the Curator by the Museum. Other promotional aids may be provided as well, solely at the discretion of the Museum, and as may vary over time.

Fees Paid By Curator.
Curators pay the Museum $49/month, which is applied automatically by the Museum to a credit card on file, unless other arrangements have been made.

Changes to Services and Terms of Cancellation.
The Museum may change any of its terms and conditions at any time, by providing written notice to its curators, typically in email or other electronic form. Curators may likewise cancel their membership at any time by providing written notice to the Museum. The Museum may cancel the membership of any Curator, at its sole discretion, with its only obligation being to refund any unused membership fees.

No Agency.
Despite being designated as Curators, there is no agency relationship between the Museum and its Curators.  Curators are not employees, contractors, representatives, or agents of any kind, of the Museum.

Charges/Fees For Diamond Registration.
No fee will be charged to any diamond owner (“Registrant”) who registers their diamond via a Curator form. The Museum itself may invite diamond owners to register their diamonds directly, and may or may not charge fees for such direct registrations, and/or for optional services beyond simple registration. Diamond owners who register via a Curator form (“Registrants”), may be offered optional upgrades for additional services as well, and fees may be charged for such additional services, by the Museum.

Waiver of Liability/Disclaimer/No Warranty.
The Museum shall have no liability to either Curators or Registrants, for any direct or indirect damages that may be incurred by users of the Museum’s services. The services are provided “as is,” and may be changed in the future at the sole option of the Museum. No warranty is made to Curators or to Registrants with respect to these services.

Use of Names, Logos.
The Museum encourages Curators to publicize their position as Curators as widely as possible, and the Museum provides graphics and other material for this purpose. Any type of graphic not provided by the Museum itself must be pre-approved by written request of the Curator, to the Museum. The Museum has the right to embed the Curator’s name, logo, and website link into those pages where the Registrant used the Curator’s form. Changes to such content already embedded on Museum pages (such as a change to a Curator’s logo) may be requested by the Curator, will be made solely at the discretion of the Museum, and fees—quoted in advance—may be charged for such changes. The Museum also has the right to list Curators on its website, with contact information, at its sole discretion and based on its current policies, and as may be changed.

Any disputes arising between Curators and the Museum will be settled in accordance with standard arbitration procedures, in Summit County, Colorado.

This document was last updated on May 1, 2018.