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Choosing Your Own Diamond Name

While you can choose any diamond name you wish, it makes sense to connect the name to the relationship it represents, or captures some aspect of the person who will own the diamond. The table below provides some examples, to help in choosing your own diamond’s name.


Circumstance, Memory, or Characteristic

Possible Name

Your first date was a picnic by a river.

River Song

You met at a dance club.

Dancing Queen

You share a love of travel.

The Traveller

You love Mexican food, or have a special memory from a trip to Mexico.

Fiesta Star

You enjoy camping, or backpacking in Europe.

The Backpacker

You will (or did) honeymoon in Alaska.

Northern Odyssey

You love spirited horses.

Fire Stallion

You have a wonderful sense of humor.

Sparkle of Mirth

You love reading, or are a writer or teacher by trade.

The Oracle

You are an early riser, a “morning person.”

Morning Glory

You love boats.

Wave Dancer

You love history.

Distant Mirror


More Ideas:

  • A diamond can have an animal theme: Eye of the Tiger, Playful Otter, Chimpanzee Delight.
  • It can have a geographic focus: Kalahari Wind, Mississippi Sunrise, Swiss Mischief.
  • Or a sports theme: The Bronco Stone, Yankee Dream, Celtic Sun. 
  • You might consider stars and galaxies: Shadow of Andromeda, Moon Glow, the Sacred Sun.
  • It can be in other languages: Reve du Soleil
  • It could be a literary character: Frodo’s Quest
  • Perhaps religious: The Resurrection Stone, The Trinity, Zen Palace.
  • Outdoor themes are good: The Skier, The Camper, Fisherman’s Folly.



  • It can’t be a name already used by a diamond. (Check this list to see existing diamond names.)
  • Obvious attempts to copy another diamond's name such as "Hope Diamond74" are not allowed.
  • It cannot violate a trademark. For example, you can’t name your diamond Coca-Cola.
  • It has to meet, ahem, community standards. (No bad language.)

    If you have a name in mind and are unsure if it is valid, please contact us at

    Finally, you can choose a name now, and change it later if you decide it’s not right. (A service fee applies.)

    The only limitation is your imagination.