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About Us

The Museum of Named Diamonds is a non-profit organization established by the jewelry industry to serve as a single Registry for the world’s named diamonds. 

Past president of the Gemological Institute of America, from 1985 to 2005

Jacques Voorhees
Founder of Polygon, the diamond industry's first online business-to-business marketplace; CEO of Verichannel, LLC

CEO of Fischer Diamonds, President Emeritus of the International Diamond Manufacturers Association; Chairman Emeritus, Jewelers Vigilance Committee 

Formerly Group Sales Director, JCK Show; co-founder of Luxury by JCK™

The Museum performs these functions:

  • Official Named-Diamond Registry
    The Museum operates the Official Named-Diamond Registry, ensures that each diamond’s name is unique, and that it meets the standards for naming as set by the Museum’s Board of Governors.
  • Diamond Registration Mark
    The Museum grants the rights to the Museum’s “Diamond Registration Mark” for diamonds which have been Registered and accepted into the Museum. This Mark may appear on the diamond’s display page itself, on the diamond’s Museum Certificate, and may be laser-etched onto the diamond’s girdle (edge). 

  • Interactive Online Showcase
    The Museum showcases all registered diamonds in an interactive, online format at Each diamond, whether “famous” or “personalized” has its own page on the Museum’s website. Most of the diamonds in the Museum include a story, and part of the Museum’s mission is to preserve these stories.

  • Provenance Record-Keeping
    The Museum’s structure allow each diamond to have its story told, including details of its origin, record of ownership (if desired) and similar details.  Among other things, a registered diamond can more easily be returned to its owner if ever lost/stolen and later recovered.  The Museum's database liaisons with the Jewelers Security Alliance database of lost and stolen jewelry, which is used as a resource for the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, as well as other industry databases..

  • Blockchain Encryption
    Through a partnership with, the Museum memorializes every registered diamond’s data (picture, story, etc.) in the Bitcoin Blockchain.  This ensures that not only is the diamond forever, its story and other details can be verified and confirmed forever as well.

The Museum charges fees for some its services.  These are operated under concession by the Museum Store  As a non-profit organization, the Museum also accepts tax-free donations.  Sponsorship opportunities may be available.  Contact the Museum for more information.