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A jeweler's 3 biggest challenges: Traffic, Sales, Margins

Is there one solution to all three?

World Diamond Magazine MoND Cover StoryThe Museum of Named Diamonds provides jewelers a single tool for driving traffic, closing sales, and—most importantly—preserving margins.

1) Who we are
The Museum was founded as a non-profit by four industry veterans, who know the challenges faced by retailers.

2) How it works
Consumers can now register their own diamond in the online Museum, right up there with other famous stones like the Hope and the Koh-i-Noor. The consumer preserves their diamond’s story—the story of the relationship the diamond symbolizes.  And they officially give their diamond a name—one that connects it to that relationship. It costs the consumer $100.

See an example of a consumer's diamond here.
See the process behind choosing a name here.

3) How the jeweler benefits
Each gift card covers the full price of diamond registration.Step A:
Become an Associate Curator of the museum by purchasing 30 Museum Registration Gift Cards for $450 total. ($15/apiece.) Congratulations! You’re now an Associate Curator and we send a press release to your local media.
That means FREE PUBLICITY just in time for the Holidays.
See a sample press release here.

Step B: DRIVE TRAFFIC to your store by contacting everyone on your customer list, and inviting them in to receive a free “upgrade” of their diamond into the Museum. (We provide suggested text for such promotions.) Every customer who comes in receives a free gift card, which costs you only $15 each. Well worth it, to drive a customer in the door, especially during the holidays.

Step C: CLOSE NEW SALES by including a Registration Gift Card as an add-on. (At $100 face value, that can often be enough to beat the etailers and other discounters.)

Step D: This is the most important step of all. PRESERVE YOUR MARGIN by changing the conversation away from price, when a customer walks in with an e-tailer printout. See our YouTube training video (below) on precisely how to do this.



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Watch our YouTube training videos
for retailers:

1) How do jewelers benefit?
2) How do consumers benefit?
3) How to change the conversation away from price?

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