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5 Romantic Benefits of Naming a Diamond (In Depth)

Fun Experience

1. Enjoying a Fun Experience

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane.

As part of registering your diamond, you and your spouse choose a name.  And the name should somehow connect to your relationship.

Met by a river?  Maybe: River Song.  
Both fans of Harry Potter?  Maybe: Abracadabra
An outdoorsy couple?  Maybe: Star of the Wild.

Very few things provide an excuse for both of you to think back on those earlier days, and remember why you fell in love in the first place.   Registering your diamond requires it.  Now you both will enjoy favorite memories together, as you choose the right name for your diamond.  It’s very romantic.

 Preserve your Story

2. Preserve your Story

Preserve The Story Of Your Love. 

When you register your diamond, you not only choose a name, but you are invited to add the story of the two of you.  It can be anything: how you met, why you fell in love, what each of you remembers about that first meeting.  Or just a few lines that brings back a special memory.

These words go in the Museum as well, and are preserved for all time. Someday your children, their children, or even a distant relative, will be able to see what you wrote, and smile. Imagine your future descendants reading about your romance, centuries from now, with tears in their eyes. Your love is the reason they exist.

Your diamond is already forever, now the love that it symbolizes can be as well.

 Share your Diamond

3. Share Your Diamond And What It Represents

Enjoy the romance of owning one of the world’s “named diamonds.” 

Many people have a diamond.  Few have one that is officially named, and displayed online in the Museum of Named Diamonds.  Imagine having the story of your romance placed on the same level as that of kings and queens.

As a couple, celebrate your love by sharing the Museum page with your friends and relatives on social media.  Show it to them at parties and have them discover it on their mobile devices. 

Let them see not just the diamond itself but—much more important—the story of the love it represents.

More Meaningful Diamond
4. The Diamond Becomes More Meaningful

Keep your love front and center. 

A woman’s diamond engagement ring is her most romantic possession.  It’s always by her side, and she sees this ring every day, every hour, almost every minute of the day.  

Now, because the diamond has been further connected to her relationship with a formal name, it reminds her of that story, those feelings, and the romantic emotions captured by the name. 

Her ring becomes an even stronger symbol of the love you share, and it will stand out from every other ring on earth.

She remembers the romance, every time she looks at her finger.

Perfect Gift

5. You Found The Perfect Gift

Give the perfect romantic gift.

Have an anniversary, or other gift-giving occasion coming up?  Looking for something beyond the expected roses, chocolates, or perfume? 

This time, give something fun, utterly-unique, and off-the-charts romantic.  Give something that says you’re thinking about what that diamond really means, and the relationship it represents.  A Museum Gift Card (which is a pre-paid registration of her diamond) does all this.

Giving a diamond registration card as a gift, shows that you treasure the times you’ve shared together and how much you want to relive them.

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