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3 Steps to Delivering The Most Romantic Gift Ever

Couple in love

1. Remember why you fell in love

Looking for an utterly romantic gift? Tell your partner the story of how and why you fell in love with them. You'll get to relive the best moments of your life while creating a timeless gift.

Example of a completed museum page

2. Record your love story online

We'll record and preserve your story. Whether on a laptop, tablet, or phone, your partner will always be able to pull up the memories you've shared and what you love about them. Who wouldn't want that?

Example of a completed museum page
MoD Registration Card

3. Give an unforgettable gift

Everyone wants a gift they can open. We'll send you a card, announcing that your love story, and the diamond that represents it, have been inducted into the Museum.

Your partner is then invited to enjoy your gift, and add the missing half of your love story.

How it Works

The Museum of Diamonds offers all married and engaged couples a new way to declare their love for one another.

Diamonds are seen as timeless symbols of love, but their radiant beauty often outshines the love stories behind them. Not anymore.

For a $50 registration fee, a couple can register their diamond with the Museum. Once registered, either member of a couple can tell their love story by answering questions like "How did you meet?", "What first attracted you toward your spouse?", or "What's a time they pleasantly surprised you?".

There's no limit to how many stories you can share, but all the Museum needs to create a page is an image (of the couple or diamond), and one reason why you love your spouse.

After your page has been created, either of you can add to it at any time. Ideally your page grows with your relationship, and becomes a timeless symbol of your love.

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