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96 - Randy & Jeni

  • 96 - Randy & Jeni
  • 96 - Randy & Jeni
  • 96 - Randy & Jeni

Their Story

How did you meet?

Me and Jeni were just 4 years old and her mom baby-sat me in the morning.. I still remember the smell of the house of peanut butter toast in the chilly Minnesota mornings ..and falling back to sleep after a warm simple breakfast.. the feeling of home was born I believe.

What first attracted you to Jeni? Who made the first move?

She actually made the first move years later and we met up and played my guitar and talked about old times and shared memories and laughed and we fell in love all over again but never had lost it ...was just a reminder of what we had when we had no idea what love was ..her smile and hair were like sunshine beams that this world needs to breathe..when she's around I forget all my troubles and worries and makes me burn to strive for better life and goals and a reason to wake up is why I love her so much me love that nobody ever had ..a different kinda deep understanding of what a human emotions can do ..anything is possible with love.

Where was your first date? How did it go?

Our first adult date was not long ago and Ware we grew up is Ware I drove myself from Central min to Hastings mn to pick her up and when she seen my van I could tell her body eyes lips and mind lit up like a burning ball of emotion...and you could almost hear my heart pound for miles around went great and never stopped since the feeling we have when together. Today we now live on some land and happy as a bear in honey.

What else would you like to share about your romance? Is there a special memory, or an amusing anecdote?

The hardest thing to do is love someone unconditionally and keep communication open honest and remain side by side and complete goals and same agenda throughout life and to be reminded that we are all different and have different ideas and different ways of doing things and talking and that is what makes a person who they are remind us that we all will fail, make mistakes, and fall down ..but to be there for each other and pick the other up when feeling Down and listen.. understand and appreciate things we do ..small or big is not for me to judge the importance of what ever we do long as it's for the best of heart caring a thought full is all someone can ask for .. honesty and open ..share and ask .give and take love respect each other and grow ...that is what Jeni had inspired me live and love once again ...

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