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93 - Adam & Allison

  • 93 - Adam & Allison
  • 93 - Adam & Allison

Their Story

How and where did you meet Allison?

I met her at a country bar in Southern California. I actually taught her how to do the two-step. She was, and still is, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was, and still is, way out of my league. But she seemed to like me, and she agreed to go to dinner with me.

How did the proposal happen?

I lived in Canada, and had only had the chance to go on a couple of dates with her in California, but I knew she was the one. I flew her up to the private island resort I was managing. On the first day I took for long boat ride up into the fjords to a pretty little river. We hiked up to a gorgeous waterfall for a picnic. It was there and then that I asked her to marry me. I had a ring made by a local First Nations artist. We would get her diamond when I made it back out to civilization later that summer.

What else would you like to share about your time together? Is there a special memory or story that comes to mind?

With twenty two years of marriage and counting, there are so many good memories, perhaps the most impactful were the births of our three kids - Jake, Isabelle & Nick. There was that week in Hawaii at Turtle Bay for our tenth anniversary, where it was just us, no kids, and we woke up at the beach every morning to the tropical breezes and the surf rolling in...

Diamond Details

Owners: Adam & Allison
Storyteller: Adam