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78 - Courtney & Cole

  • 78 - Courtney & Cole
  • 78 - Courtney & Cole
  • 78 - Courtney & Cole

Their Story

How did you meet?

Courtney: One of my best friends was hosting a dance party at her house. I was on one side of the living room dance floor and Cole was on the other side. We locked eyes and danced into the middle spinning around each other for a moment before I danced away. Luckily for me, he was brave enough to come find me later in the party to have a real conversation and the rest is history :) 

Cole: I went to a party with some friends and I had a feeling that I was going to meet someone. It was an amazing party and while on the dance floor I locked eyes with this beautiful girl who drew me right in. We both smiled and she kind of shimmied past me. I was ignited by her and I told myself, "Go say hi". I found her a few minutes later, walked up and said hello. She looked me right in the eyes with a big beautiful smile and said, "Hi". I was hooked. 

What first attracted you to your spouse?

Courtney: I will never forget the moment I knew I was in love with him. He picked me up for our first date and when I came outside he was standing outside of his car waiting for me, with his slicked back hair and cool outfit. He opened the door for me and I got into the front seat. He had this wonderful confidence about him like he wasn't trying to impress me he was just that polite and graceful. 

Cole: She just struck me as someone that was so confident and happy and saw the world in a beautiful way. She had such a beautiful aura, smile, everything. She is beautiful inside and out. 

Where was your first date? How did it go?

Courtney: Our first date was funny. He had been asking me on a date for about a month but I was just busy being single! Finally after he kept asking and I kept having to tell him I was busy, I finally asked him! My friend had told me that this restaurant played live jazz and that seemed fun to go and dance more. However, when we got there it was a fancy restaurant with a very small jazz band in the corner not a good place for dancing. It was awkward because neither one of us had planned on sitting down to a nice dinner. But we had dinner and got to know each other and it was lovely! 

Cole: It took a while for us to actually meet but when we did we went to this cute little outside restaurant that she said was gonna have some live jazz. It was funny because she thought it was gonna be Jazz but I think it ended up being Hispanic music. We had a wonderful talk and it was effortless and fun. I loved it. 

How did the proposal happen?

Courtney: Before we even went on our first date, just having flirtatious banter over text, we had talked about how fun it would be to go on a road trip from California up to Portland all along the coast. Flash to 3.5 years later and we finally made the trip happen! He had the ring hidden for first 6 days of the trip. On our way beck from Portland we had to stop to explore some waterfalls then make the trek up Beacon Rock. Which is an old Volcano plug that landed on the shore of the river that separates Washington and Oregon. In the 30s a man built a path to get to the top! We climbed the very steep incline with such amazing views, then he asked me at the top!! I was in total shock!! We cried and laughed and took pictures and told other hikers the news. I was in such shock it took me a long time to walk back down the giant rock :)

Cole: Lots of planning! Everyone in her family knew but her and it was amazing she never found out. We went on an amazing road trip camping up the coast of California for almost two weeks. When we were on the highest point of our trip in Oregon we crossed just a little but further north into Washington to a place called Beakon Rock. It is a gorgeous huge volcano plug that has spectacular views of the Columbia river. Luck was on our side and we were the only ones at the top, I had the ring with me and totally surprised her. She was in shock! It was so incredible. The rest of the day can hardly be described in words. We were truly in heaven. 

When and where was your wedding?

Courtney: Our wedding is August 31st 2018 in the town I grew up in Dillon Colorado!!!

Cole: We are getting married in Colorado in a few months! Cant wait. 

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Courtney: We don't know where we are going yet :) 

What else would you like to share about your romance? Is there a special memory, or an amusing anecdote?

Courtney: We love to dance, create art and inspire each other daily to live a full and healthy life! I couldn't ask for a more perfect partner :) 

Cole: Sometimes there are things you cant explain. On our road trip we had a playlist with lots of songs. Three of them were country songs, they really stood out to us. One of them we decided was going to be "Our" song. It moved us. Deeply. After I proposed to her the song took on even more meaning. Seriously brought to tears every time we heard it. On the last day of our trip we were in one of the oldest saloons in California in Marin County. We were on cloud nine having a drink before our dinner. There was a jukebox playing music. One of the three songs from our playlist came on, we laughed and said it was funny. Then, the very next song was the second Country song. Now we thought it was weird. I started to reflect on how wonderful our trip had been. Then like some kind of magic "our song" came on. I don't know how something like that can happen. We cried and danced and tried to make sense of it. There were at least 50 other people in the bar. Not like our phones were being picked up by the jukebox. Moments like these make me believe in a higher power. 

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