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N4 - Eye of the Orchid

Diamond’s Story

"What do we feel, when experiencing a stunning blossom, opening itself up to the world, and revealing hidden beauty within? Some might sense the renewal of life, a willingness to share secrets, or a thing which exists for no purpose other than to make us gasp. Yes, there are such things.

Those feelings and more have now been captured by an exquisite piece of jewelry as fresh as a morning rainstorm, and as delightful as a new Spring flower. Eye of the Orchidʼs special secret—now revealed for all to enjoy—is an extremely rare natural purplish-red diamond of .61 carats, surrounded by six “petals” of D, VVS pear-shape diamonds, and set in stunning 18k white gold. This beauty is so vibrant and alive it carries with it the very feel of that newly-opened blossom, now sparkling in the sun after a morning rain. Grasp that feeling in your hand, slip it on your finger and the smile on your face will come naturally. Because donʼt you, down-deep, truly see the world through the eye of an orchid?”

Gemological Details

0.61 carat, Fancy Purplish Red color, SI2 clarity, Oval Mixed Cut.
0.50-0.55 carats, D color, VVS1-VVS2 clarity, Pear Brillant and Pear Modified Brilliant cut.

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