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Carnivale Sunrise

  • Carnivale Sunrise Diamond
  • Carnivale Sunrise
  • Carnivale Sunrise
  • Carnivale Sunrise

The Diamond's Story

"The Carnivale Sunrise comes from Brazil, and is named after that country’s famous celebration in late February.  It was polished in Brazil, and was likely mined there as well, but its earliest origins are unknown.   The highly-unusual, natural color of the Carnivale Sunrise, described by the Gemological institute of America as “Fancy Orangy Pink,” is extremely rare.  It may be the only heart-shaped diamond of this color, in this size range, in the world. 

The diamond was acquired by Premier Gem Corp., a New York based diamond-manufacturing firm and De Beers’ “Sightholder,” from its Brazilian owner, in 2015.  Premier created the unusual platinum mounting, in which two rows of smaller diamonds, surround and frame the Carnivale Sunrise itself.  The inner row of twenty-four small diamonds, totaling .27 carats, are themselves a light pink.  The outer row consists of sixty-four white diamonds, totaling .89 carats, all G/H color and VS clarity. 

This pink-on-the-inside, white-on-the-outside, border helps frame, accentuate, and extend the brilliant “sunrise” effect emanating from Carnivale Sunrise and its solar-like radiance. 

Despite its one-of-a-kind rarity, at 2.07 carats the Carnivale Sunrise is not too large to be worn on a finger, and if it ever goes on the market, will likely find a home adorning one, at least for the most special of occasions.  Given the reputation of its namesake, as the world’s greatest party, this diamond is likely to bring its owner a lot of fun."