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81 - Mi Familia

  • 81 - Mi Familia
  • 81 - Mi Familia

The Diamond's Story

I was an Executive Chef at Abacus Restaurant in Dallas and a mutual friend introduced us while I was working. We hit if off right away. She had me at “gorgeous eyes and dark hair.” I love brunettes.

But we actually became great friends first, and hung out a lot. Only later did it turn into serious dating. One day we were visiting the wine country of California, and were staying at Michael Mondavi’s guest house. I proposed to her overlooking Napa Valley with four inches of snow on the ground!

Tracy is the perfect mate for me. We truly understand each other's business. I think another reason we are so successful in our relationship is that we are both great communicators and talk things out when there is an issue. 

We were married in the backyard of the home of a prominent art collector in Dallas—a beautiful estate. But of course we had our reception at Abacus, my restaurant!

Tracy was a sales manager for Porsche, so not surprisingly our honeymoon involved picking up a Porsche 911 in Stuttgart, Germany. We drove and ate our way through four countries: Germany, Switzerland, France, and Italy. It was magical.

Oh, and here’s a funny story about our wedding. The minister, who was supposed to conduct a non-denominational ceremony, started bringing religion into it, and then butchered my name, rendering it as Keith Ratburn, instead of Kent Rathbun. Ratburn!?!? Where did that come from? On top of everything else, our floral arrangements were wilting!  

Well, what are you going to do? We survived it, and had a great time regardless. Anyway, driving a Porsche 911 around Europe more than made up for it!

We named the diamond Mi Familia after the winery where I proposed.

Diamond Details

Shape: Cushion

Color: Fancy Yellow

Owners: Kent & Tracy