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79 - Elizabeth & Jerry

  • 79 - Elizabeth & Jerry
  • The wedding ring

Diamond Story

Like all couples who’ve fallen in love, we wanted our first steps, our engagement and wedding, to be as special as possible.  We’d been looking at engagement rings but I couldn’t find the right one, and was getting frustrated.  So I turned to the Internet and typed: “most beautiful engagement ring in the world.”

When I clicked on the first link, to a blogger's article using those exact words, I found myself staring at "Bella's Love®," by designer Katharine James.  One look, and I knew.  We placed a call to Katharine to get more details and soon Jerry and I took a special trip to Chapel Hills Jewelry in Pittsburgh to see it.  Even lovelier than its photo, it was everything I was looking for.  It took my breath away to look at its sheer poetry of design, its artistry, its expression of the inexpressible! 

We purchased both Bella's Love® and its companion wedding band.  Katharine, whom we now consider a friend, was wonderfully helpful. We were able to have the lovely ring engraved with our messages to each other, entwined so they follow the pattern of the band.

I cannot convey how much my rings mean to me.  They are truly the embodiment of our love story.  Someday I hope my grandchild, great grandchildren, and beyond, will hold my rings in their hands and know just by looking at them what a powerful love Jerry and I shared.  

And I hope they say, "Wow, Grammy Beth and Grandpa Jerry must have lived an amazing love story!" 

Through my rings, I can reach into the future and communicate to them that what we had is what they should be looking for, and to know that true love is not just a fairy tale. 

We know because we live it every day.

Diamond Details

Owners: Elizabeth and Jerry
Shape: Round
Jeweler: Chapel Hills Jewelry

Designer: Katharine James
Ring: Bella's Love ®