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N9 - Grand Canaria

Diamond’s Story

“The Spanish fleetʼs supplies run low, yet there is hope. With the dawn, a mountainous land emerges—an island of contrasts where dense forests yield to barren dunes, mountains are ringed by surf-kissed beaches, and volcanoes surrender to broad valleys. Thus is their first glimpse of Grand Canaria, largest of the Canary Islands, themselves a four-way bridge between North and South America, Europe, and Africa. On its way to the Spanish Main to exchange wine for treasure, the ships are in need of rest and rejuvenation. Grand Canaria will provide them.

The galleon-size 43-carat Grand Canaria diamond evokes those distant voyages. Its four corners are a tribute to the islandʼs position between the continents. Look into this jewel closely, and you may see your own mountain illuminated by the sun, a beacon of rejuvenation for the journey to your own Spanish Main.”

Gemological Details

43.20 carats, Fancy Intense Yellow color, VS2 clarity, Cushion Modified Brilliant cut.

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