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N8 - Desert Wind

Diamond’s Story

“It begins softly, just a faint movement of air, as the camel caravan heads east across the endless dunes. Then it becomes stronger, a clear warning of the approaching storm. Finally, it builds to an inescapable force that cannot be denied, and all must bow to its will. Yet soon it will drop once more to merely a whisper, and leave the travelers with a parting kiss. Such is the majesty of the desert wind, and its effect on all who experience natureʼs will.

This power and excitement are now captured by a stunning 100.84 carat necklace adorned with baguette, taper-cut, and pear-shape diamonds, and “crowned” by a magnificent 70.60 carat diamond gemstone. The Desert Wind earns its name from the very slight sand-color of the primary jewel. This unmatched triumph of luxury is suited for a royal ball, and you might think twice before wearing something this unique into the desert. But if you ever do, you can be assured that even the strongest Arabian sandstorm will never scratch it. Nature herself will always be proud to welcome The Desert Wind back to its namesake home.”

Gemological Details

100.84 carats, White color, Mix cuts: Baguette, Taper, Brilliant Pear, and Asscher.

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