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N7 - Trilogy of Hearts

Diamond’s Story

“A heart-shaped diamond symbolizes love, but what is love?

Millenia have passed, while we seek an answer, but in truth love is more than one thing.  Sometimes it is faith, respect, and honesty.  Other times it might be desire, warmth, and comfort.  It can even be as simple as calm, forgiveness, and acceptance.  Love is defined by endless trilogies of emotions, and they move in and out of the light, much as do the magnificent jewels in this necklace of white and natural-colored diamonds. 

What do the extremely rare pink, yellow, and green heart-shape diamonds symbolize in this necklace?  They represent the endlessly changing facets of love itself, and at any one moment, you know which ones are most there for you.  Shift your stance, move into a new circle of light, and a different scintillation is there to enjoy.  Cling to it, for your own millennia.”

Gemological Details

2.19 carats, Fancy Pink color, Heart Modified Brilliant cut.
3.98 carats, Fancy Vivid Yellow color, Heart Modified Brilliant cut.
3.53 carats, Fancy Grayish Yellowish Green color, SI2 clarity, Heart Brilliant cut.

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